Meet the team

Jamie Lopez – Editor

An Espresso man, through and through. Self confessed Demi-Overboss of Coffee Trade, Jamie is happiest when the team is most productive.

Charlotte Bradley – Deputy Editor

Our resident expert on coffee trends, Char enjoys everything from a classic plain black to a fully fledged Frappuccino.

Mark Griffith – Sub Editor

Mark is the watchful sub of our team; no typos will get past the cappuccino powered bloke. He also likes Music.

Fayaz Ismail – Online Editor

Fayaz is an occasional Latte drinker, and the spectacles behind the website. Besides his editorial duties, he watches reruns of Top Gear on Dave.

Jess Millington – Design Editor

A master planner and full time lover of the art of coffee, Jess is the creative soul of our editorial team.

Charlie Oldfield – Business Writer

Caffeine keeps our business writer sharp; a good novel keeps him mellow.

Aqeela Patel – Features’ Writer

Decaf is the drink of choice for our features’ writer.

Charlotte Alty – Features Writer

Charlotte is our Coffee Trade design sidekick and Mocha powered multimedia extraordinaire.




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